Everything begins with a thought, an idea or image that I just can’t help but to bring it to life in hopes that someone out there finds a meaning, regardless that it does or does not coincides with my original thought.

The love for money, religion, and sex are the trinity that rules our lives and forges the strings that moved humanity through history. Those topics have affected my life and my work. Sometimes, I might not be too conscious about the “message” behind or the subliminal emotion that a painting may have. Like love, it may not be put into words, art just is. I guess that’s what art should do to people, make them think or feel some sort of emotion.

I have always been inspired by the human figure: super-heroes, portraits, nudes, sculptures. From the classical Greek & Roman art to the masters of Renaissance, Neoclassic and all the way to Pop-art and Comic books. Later on stereotypes of beauty in youth, athletic bodies or some skin hues was found in other subjects that just require a deeper look.

 At the end of the day, I’m representing those same old gods from the western culture that other artist portrayed before me. The “new gods” that now are in magazines, movies, radio, and TV.


Audrey Pink. Mixed media on wood 42″ x 72″  $ 5,800

Ava Pink

Ava Pink. Mixed media on canvas 36″ x 48″  $ 5,250


Andrea Lilac. Mixed media on wood 36″ x 48″ $ 5,000



Margot/ Harley. Mixed media on canvas 36′ x 48″  $ 4,500


Frida Green. Mixed media on canvas 11″ x 14″  $ 1,800


Andrea Orange. Mixed media on wood 42″ x 72″  $ 5,800


Audrey with a hat. Mixed media on canvas 48″ x 72″  $ 7,500

Audrey Magenta

Audrey Magenta. Mixed media on wood  42″ x 72″ Sold

Kumari Girl
Part of the Hope help Nepal, at Art Basel Miami 2015. this piece captures the innocences of the living goddess

Kumari Girl. Mixed media on canvas 10″ x 10″ Sold


Rosi Blue. Mixed media on canvas 36″ x 48″ $ 4,500


Maria Bonita. Mixed media on wood 36″ x 48″ $ 5,000


Annie Lenox Diva. Mixed media on wood 42″ x 72″ $ 7,500


Frida Blue. Mixed media on wood 42″ x 64″ Sold


Michelle. Mixed media on canvas 30″ x 48″ $ 4,500


Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace. Mixed media on Wood 31.5″ x 48″ $ 4,800


Bat women. Mixed media 31″ x 31″  $ 3,800

IMG-20171112-WA0158 2

Audrey Orange. Mixed media on wood 42″ x72″  Sold


Rosi Red. Mixed media on canvas 30″ x 40″  Sold