My Story


Born, blessed with a creative gift, and the name Leonardo, I realized it presented a big responsibility!

Some forty-odd years ago in Medellin, Colombia, it was a time at the height of the cartels when violence raged across the country and permeated the families and the entire society. No one was spared.

As a sensitive child growing up in this violence and also being bullied, art became my escape.  In spite of the tremendous chaos, I grew to conquer the fears and obstacles to appreciate the beauty of my people. Those early years showed me that we all dealt with physical, emotional or psychological pain but that the resilience of the human spirit prevailed.

In the community where I grew up, I was surrounded by a loving group of strong, supportive women who provided me with an important perspective on the notion of family. My respect and admiration for women developed from this support and remains strongly anchored and reflected in my work as an artist.

The process of becoming an artist was very organic for me. As a young dreamer, I developed a fascination for the human form, superheroes, and Greek mythology.

Subconsciously, I have pushed forward to relentlessly pursue my career.  Being born with an innate artistic talent has allowed me to conquer the emotional and economic adversities I faced throughout my life.

After immigrating to the United States from Colombia, I was compelled to become a passionate ambassador for my people and culture.

Common themes represented in my art are cultural diversity, gender equality, and the empowerment of women.  I can offer my unique perspective to these subjects that remain close to my heart.  Portraying the uniqueness and strength of the individual allows me to speak to the sameness of our humanity in parallel to the beauty of our cultural differences. I do this with a deep sense of respect and admiration for what we share and what makes us different.

I believe that the universal language of the arts can break through cultural and personal barriers bringing us closer together as human beings.

Throughout art, I have found my voice and a way to connect with the world. Now, I invite you to discover and engage with my work.