Life Bearers

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Artist statement

With the Life Bearers, I want to give a voice to those women and children around the world that lack the access to safe water and sanitation. This is a  reality that for our urban society may be difficult to understand. 

Our fast passing world of media and technology, where climate change wants to be denied and the interest of big corporations rises above common sense, I felt the need to speak up in my own way.

I feel touched by those women who are heads of their families and have to work hard to offer them a better life. 

Now, when I portray their journey, I don’t want to show the struggles and the harsh conditions that they have to face; on the contrary, I would like to show how they have a life with a totally different set of priorities than most of us. We live a life of privilege and we may not recognize it.

Women are mostly responsible to walk for several miles carrying heavyweights of water in the heat. This could be addressed by better politics and a more conscious society, but then again, our governments have a different set of priorities. 

I want to show the beauty and soul of those women as well as to expose a different reality that other human beings are facing. Even though we don’t want to relate, this is happening at this very moment all around the world.

I was raised by a community of wonderful women. They have been a big influence throughout my life.

I’m a dreamer of a better world for all, I want equality, women empowerment and a diverse society where we can all live and respect each other.

So, my new collection “life bearers” is a tale about those lives, I’m supporting  cause to help change this. 


Palenqueras. Oil on canvas 36″ x 72″ x 1.5″  $ 8,500

Today, the Palenqueras sell less fruit and instead make their money from posing for curious tourists, photographers and journalists. And it’s easy to see why: their beautiful smiles, stunning traditional dresses and colourful hand-made jewellery set against Cartagena’s crumbling mustard walls make for a stunning photo. However, very few people know that they’re not really from Cartagena at all, and there is much more behind these smiling women than meets the eye.

Desert Rose

Desert Rose. Mixed media on canvas 16″ x 40″  $ 3,250

Amalia 01

Amalia- Palenquera. Mixed media on canvas 28″ x 34″ $ 4,500

The Palenqueras one of the biggest Colombian icons. Palenqueras would pack their hand-woven baskets full of ripe tropical fruits, put on their traditional African dress and make the long and exhausting journey into the bustling city of Cartagena by foot. the Palenqueras represent an incredible feat of human resistance, the respected figure of courageous, hard-working mothers, and a still living and thriving Afro-Caribbean heritage.


Desert Flower I. Mixed media on canvas 15″ x 30″  $ 2,500

Road to the well

Road to the well. Mixed media on canvas 24″ x 48″  $ 3,800

fullsizeoutput_fdfThose Eyes. Mixed media on canvas 24″ x 36″ Sold

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